Attenutech Releases New Nike Lead Glasses For 2022

05/16/2022 – Lutz, Florida: One of the leaders in radiation safety on the market, Attenutech, is constantly stocking the latest and greatest radiation PPE. Attenutech provides optimal eye protection for those that work in radiation involved environments. They work to provide the most comfortable, affordable, and durable radiation technology for those in any medical segment. One of their main types of gear is lead glasses. Lead Glasses, also referred to as Radiation Glasses help to protect workers in the field that deal with exposure to different types of radiation. This can include workers who operate x-ray machines, fluoroscopy units, radioisotopes and more. Attenutech’s lead radiation glasses are built to directly protect your eyes and vision from the harmful effects of radiation.

Attenutech has made its mission to provide the best brands of radiation lead glasses on the market. Therefore, the Lead Glasses sold by AttenuTech are among the most popular for medical workers. AttenuTech carries lead safety glasses by trusted and well-loved brands that have a history of performance such as their Nike lead glasses. This Spring 2022, Attenutech is releasing a few great new styles of Nike radiation glasses. Nike is one of the most trusted name brands on the market, So Attenutech is proud to announce the new Nike Lead Glasses of 2022. Nike is a fan favorite brand when it comes to lead glasses. This is because they are extremely lightweight and available in a variety of unique colors.

This 2022, Attenutech is working to further expand their line of lead glasses for radiation protection. Many brands such as Nike have made a name for themselves by their ability to provide exceptional products time and time again. Attenutech is now providing several new lead radiation glasses for men and women. Attenutech equips these glasses with Nike brand frames. Additionally, Attenutech’s Nike lead glasses are all able to accommodate your eyeglass prescriptions from your eye doctor. The process of ordering prescription lead Nike glasses from AttenuTech is streamlined and easy.

Additionally, one of the great benefits of ordering your Nike lead glasses from Attenutech is the radiation lenses. Attenutech’s radiation eyewear is CE Certified to the highest quality standards in the industry.  Also, Attenutech uses Schott SF-6 radiation lenses. These lenses are high-light transmission lenses that contain 0.75mmLE (lead equivalency). Read on to discover the brand new Attenutech Nike radiation glasses for 2022!

Nike 7258 Radiation Glasses


These boxy, trendy Nike frames function excellently as radiation glasses. Combined with Attenutech’s SF-6 Schott glass lenses, they are fashionable, yet ultra-protective. The Nike Radiation Glasses 7258, is a plastic square full-rim frame with prescription available. These high-quality radiation leaded glasses are lightweight made of TR-90 nylon. 

Nike 8212 Radiation Glasses


If you prefer a lightweight metal wire frame, these cool new Nike lead glasses are for you! The Nike Radiation Glasses 8212, is a metal square full-rim frame with prescription available. These high-quality radiation-leaded glasses come with silicone pads and spring hinges. They are great for conditions such as doctors’ offices and labs, and can transition easily into everyday life.

Nike Wave Radiation Glasses


These new glasses are an eye-catching plastic frame. Made with radiation reducing lenses, they are a perfect option for anyone who prefers a slightly ticker plastic frame for protection. Plus, the radiation reducing lenses are made from distortion free SF-6 Schott glass lenses and offer a protection level of .75mm Pb lead equivalency. The Nike Wave radiation glasses are also available in four unique colors.

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