Did Satan Create Catholicism? Answering Newsweek’s Headline

  • “He who does not read has no advantage over he who cannot read.”
  • The Bible is the only true book of prophecy. Written thousands of years ago, it , foretells headlines as we see today.

    The above headline in Newsweek (10/21/17) went unanswered as the article diverted into a political free-for-all citing Dr. Robert Jeffress, mega-church pastor, a Trump supporter in Dallas.

    Newsweek also cited him as linking the church to the “Whore of Babylon” in Revelation, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on current events and Bible prophecy. He offers the following view in the context of some Catholics and Lutherans healing a “deadly wound” resulting from Luther’s posting 95 theses (points) on the church door 500 years ago this month.

    Online sources also cite the healing of the deadly wound (Revelation 13), but the imagery begs some explanation for “the beast.”

    When asked about the end of the world, Christ said to understand the book of Daniel where the world empires were depicted as beasts–a lion (Babylon), bear (Medo-Persia), leopard (Grecia) and dragon (Rome) with a little horn growing out of the beast that Protestant reformers said was the papacy because it did what verse 25 of Daniel 7 foretold.  

    Early Americans saw the beast in Revelation 13 as the papacy because it was an amalgamation of the four beasts from Daniel 7. It had a mouth like a lion, feet like a bear, looked like a leopard, and had the total of 7 heads and 10 horns from Daniel 7.

    It also had a ‘deadly wound’ that healed, (verse 3) saying ‘all the world wondered after the beast.’ Pope John Paul’s funeral had every living US President bowing before his casket. Revelation 13 continues: “they worshipped the dragon [Satan, previous chapter] that gave power unto the beast.” Verse 4.

    This suggests Dr. Jeffress was right, but it’s important to not let the facts in the Bible degenerate into a political name calling to divert attention because the age-old trick is, if the message is too strong and the facts can’t be overthrown, then focus on the messenger to get him discredited as so much of mainstream media seems to be doing.

    This information is not a condemnation of millions of Catholics or Protestants, Buddhists, Hindus or Muslims who live the best that they know in spite of not knowing what the Bible teaches. God “winks” in times of ignorance. (Acts 17:30,31)
    But repentance (turning to Him and seeking an understanding of what He requires) is commanded in the time of judgment that is impending on the world so that we should keep our minds open. This article offers evidence that the God of the Bible sees the future and He has revealed what is coming. 

    “If any man will do His will, he shall know of the doctrine.” John 7. Ruhling claims this includes Revelation 17 where a church is represented, not as the Bride of Christ (a pure woman), but by a harlot in bed with kings (a political church that for centuries has used and abused kings and governments to compel the consciences and martyr millions.

    This whore is sitting on a beast. Which beast is it? It’s the ‘image’ beast that the US (lamb-like beast in Revelation 13) “causes the world to make” of the previous [papal] beast we saw above.

    Sorting the three beasts of Revelation 13 suggests that the pope will ride and guide the United Nations New World Order as a final world government that will also compel false worship (‘image beast,’ looks like Rome) in Revelation 13.

    The harlot is dressed in scarlet (color of cardinals) and decked with gold, a wealthy church. She is shown to be a mother of harlots—other churches that no longer protest her abominations cited in verse 5.

    She is drunken with the blood of saints, verse 6. Conservative estimates are 50-80 million martyrs and this is no longer restricted to the Dark Ages. The pope had a concordat with Hitler to make the world Catholic when he won World War II.

    Knowledge of Rome’s role in the war with Italy, Spain and Hitler (all Catholic) prevented the appointing of an ambassador to the Vatican when President Truman was asked to do so, but after Kennedy was shot and Reagan took a bullet, he decided to do so, and also to open the border to Mexico as the pope asked.

    The Bible is light to see the road and what is coming. It offers politicians a warning and a call to everyone to come out of the false systems of government, education and religion that are seeking to control the masses, even to the point that they can mark everyone, Revelation 13.

    Dr. Richard Ruhling is a retired physician whose books on health and geopolitics are on Amazon and some will be no charge on Saturday.

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